About The Billz App

Transform the way you handle your billing with our innovative and
reliable app. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive
features, and real-time reporting capabilities, our app gives you the
power to manage your billing systems with confidence.

Whether you’re a retail outlet owner, small business owner, restaurant owner, bakery owner, or part of a larger food-joint,
our app is the ideal solution for all your billing needs.


Our vision is to simplify and streamline the billing process for businesses around the world, by providing a user-friendly, secure, and reliable platform that saves time and reduces costs. We strive to be the go-to billing solution that empowers our customers to focus on what they do best.


Our billing app is modern, sleek, and professional. It features a clean and simple design that prioritizes functionality and ease of use, while still offering a visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing experience.


We believe that by simplifying and streamlining the billing process, we can empower our customers to focus on what they do best, while also reducing stress, saving time, and maximizing profits.

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App Features

“Revolutionize Your Invoicing and Ordering with Our Innovative Features”

01. Dashboard

A complete dashboard to give you the day-to-day summary. The dashboard provides data of Total Sale, Total Orders, Product Wise Sales (Descending order), Total Expenses of the day.

02. Users

A simple 3 step process to create users and assign permissions. Its a simple form submission which can be done by a non-tech person. Unique username & password is generated for the user to use the app.

03. Products

Adding/editing products is always on the go. User can add new products or can make changes in the product list in just 2 simple steps. The app will keep a record of the changes done in the product list on the basis of users.

04. eBill/Token

Go GREEN is the mantra along with creating customer database. Orders will be taken in the app for which a unique Order No/Bill No/Token No is generated and the same is sent to your customer on their Whatsapp. Always be in touch with your customers.

05. Expenses

All day-to-day expenses can be recorded in the app along with vendor registration. All the day-to-day expenses can be visible on the dashboard so that you will get a view by which you get an idea about the day’s business.

06. Reports

The most important part of every business is to check and compare sales among dates & months. The app gives reports for every module. Comparison of previous dates & months is just a click away. All reports are downloaded in csv file.

Happy Customers


“I have been using the billz app for several months now and it has made my oredering process so much easier. The interface is user-friendly and the features are comprehensive.

I no longer have to create orders manually. With this app, I can generate & send orders on Whatsapp, create customer database, update products & generate reports in just a few clicks.

I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient billing solution”


Snacks Corner | Happy Potato Mumbaii

“The billz app is a lifesaver! It has completely transformed the way I manage my billing process. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features have made my billing process so much more efficient.

I can now send orders on whatsapp & have customer database with just a few clicks. Along with this I love the Expenses in the app which helps to manage the day-today expenses of my shop.

All retail shop owners should use this app to have a smooth billing system. If you the retail shop owners want to have a process then use this app. Best app at an affordable price is here now.”


Garment Retail | Janata Stores


“The billz app is super easy-to-use. Few clicks and all my ordering is organized. I love the fact that now I have my customer details handy which helps me to gain a personal touch with them. A true magical app with all features at an affordable price.

The reports are wonderful I get an overview of my sales. The app also has a Dashboard which gives me a product-wise view”

Also the app is easily integrated with my Swiggy & Zomato accounts. A must have app in this digital era”


Snacks Corner | The Wassup Cafe

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